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Superb Performance

Heats only solid objects such as customers, tables etc. not the air in between.
Low Running Costs
Use of motion sensors does not affect element lifespan so heater can operate only when customers are present.
25% Cheaper
One Alfresco heater can replace two regular Halogen heaters.
Stainless Steel construction. Cannot be compared with  cheap plastic chinese infrared heaters.
Custom Painted
Choose your desired color with custom order. Call for details.

Outdoor Radiant Heaters
Heating outdoor areas has just become much simpler and effective as a result of a major breakthrough in heater technology, brought to you by Alfresco. Halogen heaters warm the surrounding air which immediately rises to be replaced by colder air. Alfresco heaters use infra red radiant heat elements that warm only solid objects like people, rather than air. Alfresco heaters also convert over 90% of the electrical input into heat since virtually none of the energy is wasted as light. This compares to approximately 45% conversion for gas and 60% for halogen heaters. Alfresco models range from 2kw to dual element 6kw and 8kw capacity.

Key Features of Alfresco Heaters
Safe - No worries about pressurized gas or storing cylinders and unlike gas no annual servicing.
Silent - It’s electric.
Clean - No smells and virtually maintenance-free.
Effective - Infrared warms instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it’s switched on.
Efficient - Unaffected by draughts.

Economical & Environmentally friendly -
Low running costs, calculated at just 15 cents per kw hour. Approx one third the cost of gas heating. Very eco friendly heater, reduce your carbon footprint.

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